iwriteDo you want an A Star Model Answer for an ESL letter, email or summary? We can write them for you! Introducing, iWrite by iBatefl: a premium service that is unique and worth it! You send us the question and we’ll write a model answer that will definitely be an A Star Level response!

What you must know about iWrite:

We will NOT accept orders if the question contains any of the following topics:

  1. Valentine’s Day

  2. Girlfriends and boyfriends

  3. Birthday celebration

  4. New Year Celebration

  5. Christmas

  6. Music/Disco/DJ

  7. Boozing/Alcoholism

How long will it take you to get the A* Model answer?

After receiving cleared payment, we will email you the model answer(s) within 24 hours, God-willing.

What’s the fee?

Rf29.99 per writing ($1.99)

Rf24.99 ($1.66) per writing (answer will be published on ibatefl for other members)

Contact us using the ChatBox on the bottom right of the site for more information!