A factory in the neighbourhood

Contributed by  Roy Pappachan, English Teacher, Madhrasathul Ifthithaah, Lh. Naifaru, Maldives

Thanks Roy for this student response!

A factory in the neighbourhood


Almost every country in the world is industrialized or gearing towards industrialization.  Our local council has decided that a factory is to be built nearby the neighbourhood.  A vast majority of people believe that building the factory is a beneficial addition to the vicinity. However, I do not concur.

Firstly and most importantly, it will cause air, noise and land pollution.  We cannot expect to build a large factory without them releasing harmful gases and dumping their waste on our land and into our lakes.  As a result, these pollutants will pollute the air we breathe in; toxicate the water we drink and our lands.  This will cause contamination of local farm lands and ultimately cause health problems.

Moreover, building a big ugly factory in our lovely locality will ruin its beauty.  Not to mention the fact that the empty land is where the children in our area play during evenings and weekends.  If it is no longer available, they might roam around the nearby places without anything to do.  And devil will surely find work for idle hands.

To sum up, I think building the factory near the place where we live in would rob us of the calm, quiet and safe region that we all know and love.


What do you think folks?
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