November 2014: A plan to build a zoo

Contributed by Aminath Shabeen, English Teacher, MAPS International High, Maldives

Thanks Shabeen for your great contribution. iBatefl would like to notify the users that the following is a response to to November 2014, exercise 7. Although the response is quite lengthy, you could use the article for paragraph analysis. The arguments and substantiation of ideas are really good in the article.


A plan to build a zoo

Male’ – the smallest and the most crowded capital in the world allows a proper habitat for a few domestic animals such as cats, birds and fishes. In this discipline, a plan to build a zoo in this town can either open up opportunities for development or create health issues due to congestion. The real question at hand is, “Is it really worth building a zoo here?”

A zoo in town will open up new employment opportunities such as veterinarians, zoo keepers and animal explorers. It creates a necessity to build an animal hospital creating more vacancy for different levels of people such as maintenance and Doctors. Moreover, the increment in the tourist visitors would all boost up the economic growth in the country.

However, a zoo in this already congested town could pose a serious danger to the health of the residents. Improper care for the animals could result in spreading of dangerous, contagious diseases which could become epidemic. In addition, the noise and air pollution created due to heavy traffics around the zoo would cause problems for residents living nearby.

It is also important to consider the high cost of building and maintaining the zoo in order to create a hospitable environment for different kinds of animals. For instance, providing a correct temperature and appropriate food for the different animals would be time consuming and expensive. Ensuring adequate space for the animals would cause problems to the already overcrowded city.

Therefore, I would like to say that although building a zoo could be beneficial financially boosting our economic growth, it is not feasible to maintain a healthy zoo and it poses a greater threat to the environment and health of the residents of this town and country.

What do you think folks?
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