Ramadan Special Listening & Comprehension

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Here is a quality listening and comprehension task designed for the secondary grades. This is a special listening, because it is about a true story and is related to Islam. Since it is Ramadan, I wanted to give them practice in English and leave them with a good message.

Don’t give the students the script before they do the listening. When they attempt Part 2, you should give the text.

Just to make it more interesting, you can show the video version of the text.

Part 1

You are going to listen to the story of a nurse, Cassie and her Muslim patient. For questions 1-10, circle the correct answer (A, B, or C), which you think fits best according to the text.

1. At first, Cassie knew her patient was a Muslim because:
A. he was a convert to the religion of Islam.
B. he was an English gentleman.
C. the documents concerning the patient specified his religion.

2. Before Cassie met the patient,
A. she didn’t know anything about Islam.
B. she didn’t know she had to treat Muslim patients differently.
C. she didn’t know that certain foods were not allowed in Islam.

3. The phrase “going to such lengths for him” in line 21 indicates,
A. the fact that Cassie would go to faraway places to buy halal food.
B. Cassie’s dedication and commitment to give her patient the best treatment.
C. the fact that Cassie’s colleagues could not understand why she was so committed to caring for her patient.

4. Cassie could not understand her patient’s speech when he performed prayer because
A. it was an unbelievable thing to her.
B. she noticed the movements very recently.
C. it was in a language that Cassie didn’t know.

5. Paltak
A. was introduced to Cassie by a workmate.
B. is a place for Islamic debates and discussions only.
C. is the place where Cassie spoke to a Muslim for the first time.

6. Cassie was shocked after watching the YouTube video of Islamic prayer because
A. her patient was so devout in his faith.
B. the verses that her patient read were in a foreign language.
C. she had a patient suffering from Alzheimer who could remember the actions and verses of prayer.

7. In line 68, the phrase “gave me chills” indicates that;
A. Cassie was frightened and nervous about reading more.
B. what she read had a powerful effect on her.
C. Cassie was feeling very cold.

8. When Cassie let her patient to listen to the Quran on her iPod, he smiled and cried because
A. he got chills from the chapter of the ‘Bee’ too.
B. he understood what he was listening to.
C. he wanted Cassie to read the translation of the verses.

9. Although Cassie had gone through so much sad events in her life she always thought she was
A. satisfied with her life.
B. peaceful but sad at times.
C. always looking back at her life.

10. It was easy for Cassie to accept the answers she received for her religious questions because
A. she had read books and watched videos given by some Muslims.
B. the answers were convincing with clear details.
C. she was beginning to learn how to worship the right God.


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