Kumar’s awesome ESL collection 1

Contributed by V.K. Sushanth Kumar, English Teacher, Dhiffushi School: Kaafu Dhiffushi.


Short message from Kumar:

Hello, I’m sending a few exercises which I’ve prepared from materials from the net, newspapers and magazines.  Hope this will be useful to teachers as well as students.

Note: iBatefl would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kumar for sharing these awesome materials. I am sure our ESL teachers will benefit from them. Dear teachers, if you found them useful, please leave comments for Mr Kumar.


Ants (468 downloads)

Aranmula-Kannadi (363 downloads)

Coconut-water (400 downloads)

Copa-America (390 downloads)

Ebola-virus (373 downloads)

First-bionic-man (356 downloads)

Floating-Islands (419 downloads)

Hiroshima-and-Nagasaki (361 downloads)

He-makes-hay-when-the-sun-does-not-shine (380 downloads)

Hiroshima-Day (346 downloads)

Hydroponics (360 downloads)

Ice-Hotel-Sweden (372 downloads)

Jabulani (366 downloads)

Largest-Book (361 downloads)

Paul-the-Octopus (350 downloads)

Physalis (354 downloads)

Robber-Crabs (353 downloads)

Saliva (348 downloads)

Shinaz - the first Maldivian to embark on a journey to the Antarctic (379 downloads)

Socotra (339 downloads)

Swine-flu (355 downloads)

Toddy (346 downloads)

Tuna-Throwing (355 downloads)

Underwater-Restaurant (390 downloads)

Waterless-washing-machine (388 downloads)

World-Cup-Trophy (396 downloads)

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