ESL Articles: Balanced or One-sided?


Which is better: writing a balanced ESL article or a one-sided article? Since the introduction of ESL, this question has baffled ESL teachers and students across the globe! Although there are some examiners and teachers who vehemently argue that writing a balanced article fetches more marks, we tend to support the other side of the coin: writing a one-sided article is better!

Firstly, the evidence speaks for itself; read the examiner reports! We do not intend to write a verbose article about this matter! Let’s cut this short and look at the evidence itself! Malik from our team has compiled the following presentation with direct quotes from the examiners! He highlights key areas which indicate the possibility of a single-sided ESL article being awarded more marks! Have a read and share your thoughts!


ESL-Articles-One-Sided-or-Balanced (62 downloads)
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