How to become a top student


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Read the following article by Professor Ugail, about becoming a top student and answer the questions on the opposite page.

Some of us view top students as people with big brains or people with some sort of out of this world ‘alien’ characteristics. Well, let me tell you, it is wrong to assume so. Top students are just normal people. If anything, they are just hardwired for motivation and hard work. Here are some strategies that will help someone become a top student.

Have a plan
Without a clear plan, you will be wandering aimlessly from day to day and week to week. A good study plan will help you clarify your most important priorities and allocate your time to them accordingly. When a clear study plan is in place, either in your head or in written form, there is little room for you to be confused as to what needs to be done and when that needs to be done.

Don’t Procrastinate
Remember stress and anxiety are some of the biggest obstacles to success. Procrastination is a source of stress and anxiety. Avoid procrastination like the plaque. If you have planned to do something today don’t leave it for tomorrow, because you will have other things to do tomorrow. The trick here is to get started. Difficult tasks can be broken down into a set of smaller tasks – that makes it a whole lot easier to get started.

Concentrate on the task at hand
Do one thing at a time to do it well. Most successful people I know of do not multi-task. They will pick a task and give their full attention to it. There is plenty of scientific proof to show that multi-tasking is a myth. When you multi-task it doubles the amount of time it takes to do a task. It also doubles the number of mistakes.

Find the right crowd to hang around with
You are the average of the five people you hang around with. Finding like-minded people will not only help you execute your study plan and maintain consistency but it will also help you learn more effectively. Teaching what you know to someone else is an excellent way of testing your own knowledge.

Be normal and be yourself
Studying should not be seen as a burden. It should be seen as part of your normal lifestyle. This means you should set aside enough time to do other things that are equally important. Eat healthy, sleep enough, be physically active, do extra-curricular activities and engage in activities that help you relax. In other words, work hard as well as play hard. But most importantly stick to your plan and be consistent – hard work is good but regular hard work is better.


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